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Elzet Gerber van Dyk

I am a friendly, warm peoples person. Beauty runs through my veins. I strive for absolute perfection using only the best equipment and products.

Every client receives my individual, undivided attention to make it the best possible experience.


Is this treatment painful?

It depends from client to client. Some say that it feels like a nice tickle where others say it’s an irritating tickle. The procedure itself is not painful. The area will be numbed throughout the whole treatment.

How long does it take to heal?

Brows and lips take a week and eyelids approximately 2-3 days. Brows and lips have minimal swelling. Eyelids will swell for 1-2 days. It will look like you have had an emotional breakdown. Ice will help with swelling though.

Will I be a satisfied client?

Yes you will indeed! I always design your brows/eyeliner/lip liner first. I will not continue with the treatment if you are not a 100% happy.

Am I allowed to wash my face?

Yes you may, in a gentle manner and pat dry. Please no picking, scrubbing or rubbing on the area for the first week. The tattoo will make a scab that needs to heal by itself.

When do I need a touch up?

Anytime from 2 months onwards. The tattoo may last from 3-10 years depending on the “look” that the client wants. Natural, light, dark etc. The quicker you do your touch-up, the longer it will last. You will need a touch up as your tattoo fades.

Who can come for permanent make-up?

Anyone! If you don’t like drawing your liners and brows every single morning, you have a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to do make-up, you want to wake-up looking beautiful, you have thin or no eyebrows and want to take 10 years off your face, your brows are not even and you want to balance them, you are not happy with your lips and want to give them ore volume or make them appear thinner or simply correct them or let those lushes lips stand out more.


Permanent Makeup
Bottom eyeliner 600
Top eyeliner 700
Top + bottom eyeliner 1200
Eyebrows (Powdered Look or 3D Strokes) 1200
Eyebrows (Micro Blading) 1600
Lip liner 1000
Blended lip liner 1500
Full lips 2000
* 3 month touch ups included

Client Reviews

Top & bottom eyeliner

I loved my new Permanent makeup tattoo liners, that left me with a sense of gratification upon seeing the end result. The service was professionally delivered. The salon was hygienic and all the necessary precautions and procedures were adhered to, whilst having my treatment done. I will definitely recommend Precision Hair & Beauty, due to this type of treatment one would be nervous and uneasy, however Elzet delivered a level of thoroughness, made one feel at ease and took your opinions into consideration.“Fantastic Service” ***** - Penny Louw

Top & bottom eyeliner + Eyebrows

Ek is so gelukkig met die permanent make-up wat Elzet gedoen het. Oogomlyning, bo en onder, en wenkbroue. As ek soggens opstaan voel dit sommer of n mens klaar grimering op het. Net vinnig lipstiffie en bietjie base en daar gaan jy! Dit is heerlik en ek kan dit regtig baie sterk aanbeveel. Dankie Elzet vir jou uitstekende diens!!! - Marie Taylor

Top eyeliner + Eyebrows

I had my brows and upper eyeliner done by Elzet in January 2016. Till this day I have no regret regarding my discussion and would recommend it to anyone who is tired of spending a few minutes each day to shape their eyebrow or to get the perfect eyeliner line. The procedure was not painful at all, only a little bit of discomfort of the eyelids for a few days. My swelling was gone by day 4 after I had my PMU done. I don’t need to put on makeup before running to the store as I have my “face” on permanently. Best decision ever made. - Niconeth Pilkington


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