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FAQ - How it works?

123-TATTOO-FREE® Removes the Tattoo in 1-3 sessions, utilizing a mild exfoliating formula combined with our unique but virtually painless pinpoint abrasion process. There is NO other method that actually removes the ink from the skin other than 123-TATTOO-FREE®.

All the other methods depend on the body to absorb or carry the unwanted ink into other parts of the body creating possible allergic reactions. Unlike archaic laser methods that are ink colour specific and cause scaring, localized hair loss and burns. These other methods take on average 12 to 24 sessions and cost thousands.

123-TATTOO-FREE® simply creates a mild irritation that causes the body to naturally reject the pigment. In fact again unlike other chemical removals where the unsightly chemical is left on the skin 123-TATTOO-FREE® is not left on the skin but is washed off the clients skin thoroughly before he/she leaves your studio.

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Tattoo Removal
Deposit 500
Per Minute 35
10 x 10cm Tattoo [15-20min] 1025 - 1200


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